The Pug Swag Diaries

  • Here's to the start of things going back to normal now!

    So the pubs have reopened and people are happily enjoying the rest of the summer again! Why not brighten up the day with some new SWAGGY clothes fo...
  • Summer is officially here Swag Lovers!

    Summer Pug Swag items you need to check out!
  • Facts about your furry friend :)

    The history of your Pug!
  • Black Lives Matter

    With all the tensions right now in the world, we need to come together more than ever.  Why is there so much hate when there can be so much love? N...
  • Hoping all of our Pug Swag customers are safe and doing okay!

    Sending love to all of our Pug Swag customers during this time!
  • Pugs in movies! Have you seen these?

    Men in Black 1 & 2 - Who can forget that loud-mouthed Frank!
  • Summer is coming! Pug-friendly places you can visit in the UK!

    Despite all the doom and gloom, we should look forward to the summer months! Here at Pug Swag we want to stay positive and think about the good th...
  • Pug Swag is excited for the release of The Fast And The Furious 9!!

    To celebrate the launch of the new Fast And The Furious movie (they are on number 9 now!), we have our Ultimate Swag Bed on sale for £35.00 (original price £70.00). 
  • Coronavirus Defence - Keep your Immunity High - Phytoplankton & Shilajit

    Here at Pug Swag we want our loyal customers to stay healthy during this high alert time worldwide. We've found two amazing health supplements that...
  • Thinking of buying a Pug?

    Before you do so, there are some important questions to ask yourself: - Do you have the time? They are a commitment and not just for Christmas. - I...
  • Pug Swag supports LGBTQIA communities!

    We believe here at Pug Swag that you should always be yourself. No matter what.  We support all sexualities and urge you to so that we can rid this...
  • Support The Dog's Trust - the UK's largest Dog Welfare Charity

    Our friends over at the Dog's Trust are always looking for lovely people like yourselves to rehome many sweet pooches, maybe even a pug! They are a...